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Using the Kaisev Media Drive

About the Media drive

This is a 2TB drive for media storage and playback, it has allowed the four of us to share our media collections into one convenient behemoth. Each person has a personal folder on this drive that you (and only you) can save, edit, and delete files. Anyone can read the files in these folders, and anyone can save, edit and delete files in Basement Bob's folder. Please note: Until a more robust backup solution is in place, the main portion of the drive will be read-only.

You can only access this drive while you are on the home network, but the drive is fast enough to play movies and shows directly off of it. Simply open the files as if it was an external hard drive.

We have also set up Plex, so you can access the media library from anywhere with an Internet connection. This is available at I can't promise smooth playback when you are on other networks, but it seems to work at 720p with very little bufferring. Ask or email me for the logon information

How to map the Media drive

Please note that there are backslashes included in the below instructions. \ is a backslash, / is a forward slash. Use only backslashes

  1. Open Windows Explorer
    Opening file explorer
  2. Click on This PC (or My Computer)
    My Computer
  3. Click on Computer
  4. Click on Map Network Drive
    Map network drive
  5. Type in \\kaisevprod2\media, check Reconnect at sign-in and Connect using different credentials
    Network drive options
  6. Click Finish
  7. Check Remember Password and enter kaisev\username and your provided password
    Authentication options

If you are unable to log in to your account, send me an email and I will reset your password.