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Kaisev Security Suite

This is a curated set of software that can be used to improve your security on your computer and on the web. The free versions of all of these tools will be provided. We will be moving "outwards-in", describing first the first line of defense, and moving inwards.

Desktop Software


Unchecky helps prevent installing unwanted software by unchecking 'additional options' offered during the installation. It also offers warnings when installers are being misleading


Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows. It comes with a decent default repository. In simpler terms: Chocolatey is an appstore

We have included an installation script. Downloading and running our VBS script will install both Chocolatey and the Chocolatey GUI, which lets you use chocolatey without having to type commands into the command prompt. If you can't figure out how to install Chocolatey, use the Chocolatey+Chocolatey GUI installer below, it will install it and the GUI for you.

Chocolatey itself is open source software. The software within Chocolatey is often not open source, but can all be trusted. The repository, or the database of applications is curated and maintained to ensure the applications work, and are safe.

This is a much safer way of installing software and a more reliable way of keeping a wide variety of software up to date

Chocolatey Website:

Chocolatey+Chocolatey GUI installer: Chocolatey_Installer.vbs

Browser add-ons


LastPass is a password manager, meaning that you can store unique, complex passwords for all of your individual sites, and protect them with one particularly secure password.

Password security is unfortunately often neglected or misunderstood. Duplicate passwords are particularly dangerous, as a compromise to one of your sites can compromise all of your sites. Unfortunately, we all have way too many accounts for us to maintain long, unique passwords for each one.

LastPass is a very effective tool if used correctly. Below are some tips for getting the best out of LastPass:

  • Maintain and remember complex, unique passwords for both your email account and your LastPass account
  • Avoid logging in to LastPass or your email account when logged on to public or shared computers. If you do want to log in to one of your accounts on a public or shared computer, start the web browser in Private browsing, this will remove any active logins when you close the window.
  • If any of your accounts have the option for two factor authorization, use it. Most of the times when an account is compromised, it is not someone who lives near you. Enabling two factor authorization will provide an excellent level of protection.
  • Do not allow LastPass to automatically log in when you start your web browser, especially if your computer is not secured with a password.

Available for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer


uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a blocker that by default will block advertisements, trackers, and malware domains. uBlock Origin has a much lower footprint than other adblocking add-ons, and can prevent you from being exposed to sites that could lead to your infection in the first place. If you do not want to block advertisements, you can disable uBlock Origin on specific websites, or remove the ad lists altogether.

Available for Firefox and Chrome, open source

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere is an addon that forces HTTPS. If you have read our article on Malware Protection, then you know that HTTPS is a connection type that prevents people from intercepting your traffic. HTTPS everywhere forces HTTPS connections wherever possible

Available for Firefox, Chrome; open source.


Noscript is an addon that will block any and all scripts unless otherwise instructed. It will take a while to build your whitelist until the Internet feels usable again, but Noscript really illustrates just how overused Javascript is. Running Noscript in your web browser will give you a high degree of security, but it requires some dedication

Available for Firefox; open source, overkill